Thursday, July 22, 2010


I love French Bulldogs! I would name mine Sanchez, Meatloaf, Bacon, or if I had two Machu & Picchu.


  1. I would name mine Batty. Like from Ferngully.

  2. haha, love those names; French bulldogs are pretty cool. I've gotten more into big dogs lately for some reason, though (duno why.. odd as I used to be scared of dogs! but I'm totally over that now.. lol weird).
    But what I'd REALLY love to have is a Greater Siren, an axolotl or a Tiger Barred Salamander! I figured if I had two of the latter I could name them Sal and Dali. But Sal would be short for Salvatore rather than Salvador... 'cause Salvador just makes me think of a slimy businessman.. and Salvatore makes me think of a slick, a LITTLE slimy, but still really cool and lovable Mafia boss. hahah