Friday, August 14, 2009

Learning to Sew! Properly!

This summer I took a sewing class and we learned the basics. Seam-finishing, applying zippers, how to manipulate fabric (pleats and gathering to name a few), and putting together and altering patterns. This class has given me even more motivation to pursue a career in the fashion industry.
I keep changing my mind of my ultimate dream job, but who says I only have to have one! I want to experience all types of jobs dealing with fabric! Be it clothes or home decor, it all sounds so wonderful to me.
Here are my very first garments!

I really should be wearing pants with this tunic. If it was a little longer I would totally wear it out like this.

Hand-sewn embellishments! Didn't take too long... plus it was actually therapeutic.

I look forward to getting a machine soon, so I will continue practicing my new skill!

If anyone is interested in buying either of these pieces let me know! The skirt would fit a curvy lady with a 31" waist and a 40" hipline and the Tunic would fit in between a 38" to MAYBE 40" Bustline.


  1. these look great veronica... cant wait to see more of your stuff that youve been doing

  2. roni! These look GREAT!! They turned out REALLY good!!!! loveee you!! <3

  3. Finally you can sew! lol
    This are looking great! The first ones my fav! :D

  4. Hey no! That second green shirt turned out great! And you're such a hot mama in your skirt. >Beaming pride!<