Friday, February 6, 2009

Recent works. Another Update!

Here are some things I have been working on recently in Eric's class.
Head and Hand studies. 
I have been using this really cool face expression book, but now I think I should practice drawing my friends and family so I can really practice getting the likenesses. :) I drew two of my best friends: Brittany and Michelle. Not perfect, but that's why I am practicing!

This is the beginning of my first major painting. I will be posting the process of it, because I need all the critique I can get.
Right now we're just doing head and hand studies from it.
I chose "Invocation" by Lord Leighton
His work is really beautiful and I hope I can pull it off.

And finally here are some digital pieces.
The first one was an editorial piece for my Image Making class.
We had to create a little illustration  for an article about how Youtube has changed our ways of thinking and communication.

And this is a little something I did for fun! It's from a really neat photo I captured by chance in a moving vehicle.

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  1. Very noice! :D
    I'm liking those hands and faces!
    gg keep it up playa.