Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to the old drawing board.

This was from last month. I went to my little sister's first wrestling match. 
Yes, my baby sister wrestles. Boys. I am very glad my parents decided to let her join the team. Although she may not be very good, she's learning, staying in great shape, and proving not only to other people, but also proving to herself that she can do anything.

School has started and I am so ready to have motivation! This semester I only have 2 studio classes, 3 lectures, and a 4 day weekend! I think this will be a great semester. My main focus is to learn how to paint and by the looks of Eric's syllabus I think I may be able to finally learn. These are a few head studies I did for his class.

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  1. Well you finally got a blog! Keep up the good work, I love all the sketchbook stuff. The mucha-esque figures are looking great.