Sunday, March 24, 2013

Exciting Appearances!

The Today show featured the DanceUR Lead Mid shoe I did graphics for and labeled it a must-have for spring activewear! Check it out. The shoe makes an appearance at 2:35. 
Get yours today!
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As well as being featured on the today show, the RealFlex Scream 2.0 I worked on was spotted in Self Magazine's March issue!

Very exciting things have been happening this month and I am super anxious to see what else lies ahead! Stay tuned and active, my friends.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Sports Essential Tennis Basics - Graphics

 Here's another print I designed. I was actually surprised when I noticed it ended up being used after all. I love that it's a jacquard mesh panel on all of these pieces! Unfortunately.. I can't show you the original print because I didn't save the artwork to my harddrive before leaving Reebok.. Oh well. The close up images of the design give you a good idea of how it looks. :)

Most of the collection comes in three different colors so check 'em out.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Training Legging - Graphics (Deutschland!)

 Here's another print I got to work on and it's only available across the pond. I can't take all the credit though.. My task here was to take existing artwork created by my co-workers and arrange all the graphic elements into a drop-repeat. 

Fun! I like the black fabric on the bottom of the right pant leg.

Fabric strike-off straight from the factory.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RealFlex Scream 2.0 - Advertisment

Check out this huge Reebok ad that features my graphics for the RealFlex Scream 2.0.
Just click this link and wait a few seconds for the Reebok ad to scroll across your screen! If you click the learn more tab once the ad stops moving it'll take you to this page down below. I love the photo on the left so much!

Also, I got a few praises by consumers who purchased these shoes and loved the print and color! Thanks ladies!